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Kommentare der Studenten zu Babilonia

Was die Sprachschüler über die Lehrer der Sprachschule sagen:
  • Babilonia has established a superior school with impecabble credentials. The faculty and stagg are so supportive and enthusiastic. Not only are the courses in written and spoken italian fine, but the additional synergie of cultural, historic, and local creates a broad and rich palette. A much richer experience than "just" a language class. There are other schools where one may lern Italian, but none better.

  • The time we spent at Babilonia in Taormina was the perfect balance between holiday and study.  Our teachers were serious about their teaching yet had a good sense of humour.  Most evenings at 5.00 o'clock we had an interesting lecture on some form of Italian Culture, whether it was Films of the 50's, a famous Italian playright like Pirandello, a quizz or an evening out for pizza. There was no reason to ever feel alone.  To study Italian in the beautiful and historical town of Taormina is something I look foward to repeating in the near future.

  • There is so much to do in Taormina itself, but it's easy enough to rent a car or take a tour with a local travel agency, I probaby learned more in my three weeks at babilonia than I did four years in High School, because I was completely immersed in the language, the teachers just take such a "hands on" approach to learning, and each student is realy given the personal attention that they need in order to perfect their problems, that I really found it so easy to learn and reatain everything that was taugh to me.

  • My experience at Babilonia was worthwhile in every way. The teachers were exceptional, the classroom environment lively and challenging, the setting exquisite and the students a wonderful mix. If we'd have stayed one more week (time limited my wife and me to a single week) I'm sure I'd have left Babilonia speaking exquisitely fluent Italian. My advice is, "Stay as long as you can. Stay longer." 
    (Bernie Libster)

  • I have studied in Madrid, Buenos Aires, Florecne and Taormina. I am also trained english as a foreign language teacher and have worked both in the US and abroad. Babilonia is, by far, the bes school I have ever attended or been part of. Of course, it's not perfect, no school can be all thing to everyone. I dont want anyone to descredit my commets but thinking they are over stated. But, I can honestly saz that the professionalism of the director and the staff at Babilonia combined with their sincere desire to creat a menaningful cultural and personal experience for their students amkes Babilonia a verz special place. That's why I keep going back and continue to recommend Babilonia to Friends and Colleagues. And, you simply can not ask for more beautiful setting.

  • Taormina, Sicily is breathtakingly beautiful in its situation.  The location of the Greek theatre in Taormina is  could not be more perfect.  One can still observe performances today. The acoustics are perfect; the sun setting beyond
    the stage, setting deep into the ocean is all very romantic.  From the town, one can hike up high up into the mountain to a village whose name does escape me now. From there one feels as if you can see the world. The view is magnificant.
    The town is small and therefore provides a level of comfort as far as safety; this is important to single women in particular.


  • I thought of both Giovanna and my other Babilonia teacher a lot whilst doing my TEFL training.  Their manner was excellent and they were very skillful in how they made our lessons enjoyable and interesting.  I would be very happy if I could teach half as well as they do....